Seaweed Slimming Body Wrap

60 mins.................  $60


 Add-On to Massage


Focus on Detoxification & Cellulite Reduction


This detoxifying body wrap includes dry body brushing after which an active seaweed gel is applied under wrapping to work with body heat. It reduces cellulite and bloating. 

Moor Mud Body Wrap

60 mins.................  $60


 Add-On to Massage


Focus on Detoxification & Circulation

After thorough exfoliation, you’re wrapped in organic, deep black Moor mud, which contains thousands of plant extracts and trace elements. As you relax cocooned in a warm blanket, the mud draws out impurities and simulates circulation.

Chinese Cupping

20 mins.................  $35

Add-On to Massage


Focus on Regeneration
Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese method of clearing localized congestion and opening up the body's energetic flow (meridians) through the body.  A cup is positioned at the area to be treated and a vacuum is being created within the cup to draw the skins’ underlying tissues into the cup. 
People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.


Free with service

$20 without other services

Focus on Detoxification
Sweating has been used by many cultures throughout human history in spiritual and wellness routines.  The heat is not only comforting but can improve circulation and encourage elimination of toxins from the skin, which is body's largest organ.  
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